Age of Empires III - Error 101

If you recently purchased a Ubisoft Exclusive Age of Empires III: Complete Collection retail bundle, please see the Ubisoft 101 section below.

For all other versions:

The 101 CD key error will occur when an ESO account has already been created on this CD key. Each licensed copy of Age of Empires III may only have one ESO account per CD key. All ESO accounts are tied to the core game, not any expansion.

- For assistance recovering your ESO account: Visit the ESO account recovery tool for self service. For more advanced account recovery, please submit a support ticket

- If you have purchased a second license of Age of Empires III, an incomplete uninstall may result in this error appearing. Please submit a support ticket for assistance in resolving the issue.

- For any additional ESO account questions, please visit our FAQ or submit a support ticket:



Ubisoft Exclusive Age of Empires III: Complete Collection Error 101


If you are receiving a 101 error on a recently purchased retail copy of Ubisoft Exclusive Age of Empires III please see the appropriate support link for more information.







Error 101 Registry Scripts

Use these scripts only if directed by the support ticket agent.


If instructed by a support ticket agent,

Download the script .zip package (You may need to manually select "keep" in Chrome as the file is new on the servers)

Extract the appropriate script for your system (32 bit or 64 bit).

Run the appropriate script as administrator to modify the affected registry values.

Restart Age of Empires III without any expansions and enter you CD key when prompted.

Proceed to create your ESO account.




Security Details on the scripts:

You may right click on either script and select 'edit' to view the contents. Each script is designed to remove several registry keys that are sometimes not removed correctly when a copy of Age of Empires III is uninstalled and reinstalled. Please feel free to submit a support ticket if there are any questions regarding the scripts.